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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tarahumara, 380 East Main Street, Midway, Utah

I love the idea of living in the country and I love the idea of living in the city, I know that is one of my problems- I can find reasons to love and hate the same thing at the same time, I am trying to work though this. One answer we have come up with is living downtown in a small town and that is why we moved to Midway. Noelle and I had been stalking this town for about 20 years and thought let’s just move there and we did. We have great mountain bike trails, a view of the lake, a great store, a wood fire pizza oven restaurant, we are close to Park City (where Noelle teaches skiing now) and we have world class Mexican food, some say it is the best in the state--I will not argue with that. Tarahumara is pretty much across the street. It kills me when I open the garage and I can smell the carne asada from the grill!!! I am a Mexican food freak and eat there at least once a week. Greg and Gloria, the owners, feel like family. I have not ordered anything on the menu that I did not like, but I am kind of stuck on the chile verde pork right now and I like the mole a lot too (get the chicken shredded it you do get the mole). Anyway, they started with the restaurant then added a cantina and in a few weeks we are getting a Tarahumara bakery, life it sweet! Like I always say come visit and we will have a taco, oh yeah the salsa bar is legendary-- Buenos Dias!

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