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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank You Fuel TV

For years I did tons of work for Fuel TV. It was a lovely place to do freelance film work. I got to direct 1/2 half hour TV shows, shorter TV segments, shoot events like the Roxy Chicken Jam, work on the legendary Camp Woodward show and do a bunch of cool commercials for them. They also gave me $100,000 to do documentary about skateboarding and trusted me to do whatever I wanted, that was fun. I love these people and will thank them over and over, it was a barrel of fun. I felt at home there because I was able to take the stuff I did as a kid (like skateboarding, bike riding and stuff like that) and combine it with my interest in nonfiction filmmaking and it was a perfect fit. I got to work with great creative people and so many great athletes. Fuel TV is still going but they have changed and do less action sports stuff and more UFC stuff, they are changing from a “kid’s” (sort of) network to a network with an older audience. The network is not as much a hub for skaters, surfers and action sports folks like it use to be. So I just want to say “Thank you Fuel TV” and to all of you that have left Fuel TV, we will fly again, there will be more project to do in the future.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Here is sample of some of the stuff I directed at Fuel TV.
Happy Leap Year day everybody!

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