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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Off FACEBOOK for awhile

I am doing a little experiment and going off FaceBook. I like the idea that if you want to know about me you can email me, comment on this blog or call me. I will probably go back on FaceBook but for now I am off. Write a comment and let me know if you are reading my blog. Happy Tuesday.
Photo: A church in South Chicago where I am working right now.


Drew Danburry said...

i read your blog.
I think you're great.
Going off Facebook is awesome.
Best wishes.

so said...

thanks drew
i am not a Facebook super hater
i just feel like sometimes it is just too much information--haha! both ways
i know too much about other folks and when Facebook starts publishing what I am reading that feels like a bit much too

Woodage. said...

I am reading your blog. And thinking of you on two occasions.....

so said...

let me guess
Day and Night!!??!!


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