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Friday, March 30, 2012

Noelle O. Designs

I met this girl once that was a great skier and loved to have fun outdoors
I found out she liked funky girl stuff and could make anything
I ended up marrying her
that was 20 years ago
she is still rad.
She is a great mother too,
she is a good example to our daughters (and sons too)
She graduated from college, still likes to have fun, reads like crazy and can make anything with wood, fabric, or whatever.
Once our daughter (kid #3, six years old at the time) was watching Old Yeller and Old Yeller got hurt and our daughter said, “I wish mommy was there she could stitch up Old Yeller.”
Anyway Noelle is amazing and her Etsy shop is going strong
she is shipping out stuff all the time across the country and internationally too
Aussies seem to love her stuff
There also is a professional photographer that uses Noelle’s aprons to wear during photo shoots.
Get something handmade for that special someone.
Check out her blog here.
Check out her Etsy shop here.
I am on lock down in the edit room.
Have a good weekend,

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