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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Frederick Wiseman in Salt Lake City, Utah 1-5-2012

Saw Frederick Wiseman talk in Salt Lake City tonight . It was good to hear him. I sometimes like to look at his work. He is interesting but he is a man alone, no one does it like he does and no one probably should do it, it's his thing- no music, no interviews, no narration just pure "cinema verite." Tonight I came up with a term that I will use to describe his work, "POLITICAL ART FILMS." He showed clips of "Law and Order" (1969), "High School" (1968), "Basic Training" (1971) and the sardine scene in "Belfast, Maine" (1999). It is always good to get out and hear real filmmakers and see old and new filmmaker friends out for the night. There is a healthy art and film scene in Salt Lake City.

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