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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiration Week- Day #3 My Sister LES and Paul Alusa

This week I am editing like crazy, so I will keep the blogging short.
I am going to post about filmmakers, artists and people that inspire me.

My nephew, Paul Alusa, had a bad stroke a few years ago and is still recovering. His speech was really messed up by the stroke, so he is spending a lot time relearning to speak. My sister Les started taking him to art class once a week and in the process fell in love with art, now my sister is hog wild about art and paints all the time. So today I am inspired my Les' new found passion and Paul 's continued battle with speech and his desire to recover from his brain injury.
ABOVE PHOTO: my sister's artwork from the last few months.
BELOW VIDEO: a movie about Paul working with artist Fidalis Buehler.

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