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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspiration Week- Day #2 The Selby

This week I am editing like crazy, so I will keep the blogging short.
I am going to post about filmmakers, artists and people that inspire me.

THE SELBY aka photographer Todd Selby

(Photo by The Selby of Casey and Van Neistat's couch)
I love that fact that this photographer made a place for himself by doing an online photo project about people's studios and houses, how he has published a book and does ad campaigns and special projects for companies like Nike, Dockers, Louis Vuitton and others and he has a regular deal with the the New York Times Magazine called The Edible Selby. He has starting to make movies too, his short nonfiction films are beautiful. Check this one out about Tom Sachs.

Check out The Selby online here.

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