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Friday, April 13, 2012

Inspiration Week- Day #5 The Turning Pointers

This week I am editing like crazy, so I will keep the blogging short.
I am going to post about filmmakers, artists and people that inspire me.

Over the last year I have done some of the most meaningful work of my life. I have worked with some big hearted people that have inspired me and have changed my world view. Thank you all for sharing your stories and thank you Sam, Greg and Marty at Comic for the great projects, and thanks to the crew that I have been able to work with Rich and Ty. I am very passionate about this documentary thing and this Turning Point show has been so good for my mind and heart.
Check out episode number 1 below, I had nothing to do with these 2 stories but they are powerful and set the mood for the entire series. OH YEAH I must add that Greg Kiefer's documentary directing and camera work on this series has been super inspirational to me and helped me a ton to fine tune my own documentary style. Greg directed the 2 stories below.

Scroll down to see embedded versions of the "Turning Point" shows that I directed.
Have a good WEEKEND!

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