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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ice Swimming

I love swimming but swimming in ice is like getting a full body reboot or a brain massage. cheers


andi said...

I TRIPLE-FLIPPIN-GARBAGE-DOUBLE-DOG-DARE YOU!! Willing to swap a signature BREAD for a one minute doc of Ice Swimming. Think of a sequel to Pigs on Ice?

FYI ... "A Hog on Ice" - Known mainly from the title of the book by Charles Earle Funk (1948); it is from the expression "as independent as a hog on ice," in which hog refers to the stone in the game of curling when it comes to rest.

Do they do curling in Midway??

so said...

curling in PC, i am not man enough for 1 minute of ice swimming haha

Some of my Diary said...

Too brave :p


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