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Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Marvelous Doug Snow

Today was artist V. Douglas Snow’s memorial services in Torrey, Utah. Doug said he didn’t want to have a funeral and if he did have one he didn’t want his wise guy best buddy artist friend Tony Smith to talk at it. You guessed it, Tony spoke at Doug’s funeral today and it was lovely. Kind words were spoken about Doug and his incredible sense of wonder. He loved his family, reading, travel, music and of course art. I loved hearing about his art night with friends, drawing in restaurants and stuff like that. Someone said his favorite word was Marvelous. The service ended with a brilliant slide show of Doug’s work and photos of his studio played to his favorite opera music. Doug was an amazing idea man and a gifted talker, if you have an hour I recommend listening to this amazing interview with Doug done by the equally gifted talker, KUER’s Doug Fabrizio.
Also there is a nice write up of Doug here.

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