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Friday, October 30, 2009

art book find / inspiration

Found this Calder book on my last trip to Keene, New Hampshire. This Book "Calder" has amazing photos by Ugo Mulas. It is brilliant to have a few hours off the wander through funky old books stores and such. Random thought: how could anybody ever get bored with life there is so much stuff in the world to dig into, be curious about, you don't have to even produce anything, you could just consume stuff and have an interesting life. Sorry that sounded a bit preachy.
Anyway, I love Calder's work.


ChrisC said...

was just thinking about that thought today (and I wrote in down in my black sketch book)-i'm at a conference in Canada right now and the speaker was talking about poetry and it made me think how much i enjoy hearing poetry-but that lead me the idea of "discovery"-there's so much in life to discover! whether it's a new poetry book, a film, marcel proust or whatever-life can be this constant "Christmas morning" if we allow it to (talk about preachy)

so said...

great comment
love the christmas morning comment and that you said IF WE ALLOW IT TO
i think a creative and artistic life is
both in take
and out put
and the whole idea of being
about the world around you
finding joy in the little things
the details
hope this blog become a place to throw around ideas
i will probably start sounding like
a pretentious goofball
an illiterate philosopher
i am sure i am somewhere in the middle


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