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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Micah said...

That's really cool Steve, who did it?

cassandra said...

Ya, who did that?

so said...

Wow glad you liked the painting.
I though posting that photo was kind of cheating in the nothing to say world---but i was sick last night and away from my computer so i found that snapshot of Noelle's computer
I shot it at the tour de France in 2004
it was a tiny art gallery in Belgium
the show had no english cards but I think the whole show might of been folks with disabilities (mental and/or physical)--all bike related
but I loved so much of the art at that gallery
another good painting was an old found photo with bicycle spectacles painted on him
but there is something about unscholled art that can be so lovely to look at---like your kid's art
i would buy that painting if I could figure out how to find it
thanks for looking


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