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Sunday, October 01, 2006


d said...

story behind the swim suit
went to taiwan
15 years ago
with my friend
we were both
engaged to women
who we needed to
bought tickets
to the farthest place
we could go
for the money we had
landed in taiwan
days later with
one hundred and fifty
dollars between the two
of us that we quickly blew
the first evening
at an underground casino
on drinks and gambling
under the guidance of
our only friend
in taiwan kurt
who gave us a place
to crash
while we hunted for work
and women
and we found both
english durning the day
and guitar playing at night
and karisa the blonde
dancer from georgia
who spent her time
working for the local
organized crime ring
and was compensated in
money and chemicals
and so we all lived
day in and day out
under the red asian sun
and nights roaming
wathed by the platinum moon
and hot days we would ride
the stolen vespas crazy
swerving and smoking
and singing and
find our way to the
community pool
where i came to find
that no street shorts
were allowed
so it was turn it around
or purchase from their stock
of speedos all tight and black
except for a single pair
a jungle of colors with
a little golden
pierre cardin tag
conspicuously placed
i knew they were mine
i paid pulled them on
and slipped in
to the pool
and that trip
and a trip it was
lasted 8 months for me
until i burnt out
one night in an
ancient farm house
sitting in the rice fields
four indulgent souls
alone for three days
communicating fast
using up every minute
never resting not pausing
living and loving
and then i crashed
i had too
there was nothing left
to be said or done
so to church i raced
something falimiar
collapsed in the isle
pulled out by
young elders
raced to the hospital
gurnied and iv'ed
paniced and certain
my book had been written
pated down by
glaring police
and angry doctors
they knew my story
and asked many questions
and all i could do
between convulsions
was denie and brass it out
so shayne who i call peachy
because we were the men
r. kipling had written of
in his tale made true
the man who would be king
and if you know it
you'll understand
and if you don't
it's worth the read or viewing
oh yes and shayne
he came to my rescue
snuck me out of the
across his shoulder
out the door
and on to the bus
i curled up on the floor
in the back
shivering from
taipei to taujuen
then up the stairs
to our room above
the barber shop
where kurt would
care for me
in trade for
beer, cigarettes
and peanut butter sandwhiches
he would rush me to the
parking lot of the er
each time
i was ceratin i was a gonner
he wouldn't question
he would just drive
and drink and smoke
and tell me i
would make it
and tell me stories
of his girl friend
he would later wed
and weeks later
i left taiwan
without my girl
or shayne or kurt
but kept my bathing suit
and a keen awareness
i was mortal
and ever since then
that swim suit
reminds me
that death that
bastard and brother
is at my heels.
that's the sroty
of the suit
in the photo
that steve took
thanks for sharing steve.
love, duane

d said...
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